House spiders are some of the scariest creatures out there. They carry dangerous venom and can attract other insects to your home. At first, they may seem like polite guests. Later they create cobwebs in your San Antonio home that do the challenging work for you.

Black widow spiders are the most common in Texas. They are a dangerous, venomous species of spider found throughout North America. To keep these unwanted arachnids away, you need to know the prevention tricks.

How do spiders invade your home?

Spiders love dark and quiet places. These little creatures are extremely good at hiding. When you discover cobwebs on your San Antonio property, they have been there for a long time weaving those webs. If not prevented, they become more visible over time.

To prevent spiders from infesting your home, you need to know their favorite hiding places:

  1. Outdoor areas such as porches, sheds and garages are their targets.
  2. Spider webs are often found in the interior corners of structures or rooms in your home. These creatures like to minimize their presence by climbing into these corners.
  3. The closets have no natural light. It is the main hiding place for American house spiders.

Tips for preventing spiders in your home in San Antonio

If you suspect the presence of spiders in your home or discover spider webs in suspected areas, it is time to take immediate preventive steps to stop the spider infestation. Strictly follow these tips mentioned below:

  • Dispose of household waste properly:

Food scraps collected in your home attract insects that spiders prey on. Make sure that all garbage in your home is disposed of on time and thrown into a tight lid.

  • Clean up the clutter around your home:

Spiders look for places to hide. These creatures build their cobwebs in the clutter around your property. To reduce the number of spiders in your home, reduce clutter as soon as possible. Clear the odds and donate or recycle items like old clothes, toys or even books that you don’t use or need. Keeps spiders away.

Some spiders often reuse abandoned webs in the house. If you see a cobra web in your home, don’t let it sit for hours or days. Remove immediately. Take a broom or vacuum cleaner and carefully sweep away the spider webs on your property. If you can’t find the exact location of the spider webs, a home inspection can help.

  • Minimize moisture content:

If there are leaking pipes or blocked drains, fix them as soon as possible. These damages provide water for the spiders which allows them to easily make webs.

  • Close entrances that create space for spiders:

Using silicone caulking seal any cracks or openings in the exterior of your property. To prevent spiders from entering, replace faulty weather stripping and door sweeps. Make sure your doors are properly closed. Wear gloves when moving wooden furniture or other items stored outside.

  • Take care of the yard work:

Clean up outdoor clutter such as piles of leaves, lawn clippings or other debris. Spiders look forward to making their webs in these places. An additional tip – Move firewood at least 20 feet away from your home and store it on a raised platform for extra safety.

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