Ants are native to Texas. Various ants live in our homes and are a big concern for our home and family.

Here are the types of ants and their identification.

Types of ants:

Crazy ants: They are smaller and do not have a dark belly color. Generally, ants move in a specific pattern, but these ants move erratically. As their name suggests they run around in an erratic manner. They become violent if they feel threatened.

Pharaoh ants: It is also called sugar ants, these are small species of reddish colored ants. These are mostly found indoors in Texas. They neither bite nor bite. They eat sweets like cakes and bread and fatty foods. They prefer to live in plugs, walls, cracks and crevices. They like to stay near water or warm areas.

Little black ants: They live under rocks, debris or garden soil. These are marching ants that move in a systematic pattern. These small black ants can bite, but their bite does not cause any problems. Take care of your food; you will find them there.

Windy house ants: These black ants have small heads and distinct odors. They are available in dark brown and black. They run very fast and emit a foul odor when crushed. House stink ants have a stinger and can bite. These little ants are very violent and threatening.

Acrobat ants: These colorful species also emit a foul odor. When disturbed in their nests, they hold their heart-shaped abdomen above the rest of their body and emit a stench.

Texas leafcutter ants: They build many mounds in lawns to harvest the mushrooms they feed on. Keep an eye out for the entire colony as they cause significant damage to your green property.

Fire ants: They can bite and this causes a painful blister in the affected area. They usually have red and black color, big eyes and two knuckles.

Carpenter ants: They are the most common ants found in Texas. There are 18 species of carpenter ants. They have a reddish brown head and a black tail. Some of them have wings. They live mainly in trees.

Tired of ant infestation? Call a professional

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