In San Antonio, house centipedes are the most common species found there. You’ll find them moving through drains and tubs, between cracks and crevices where moisture is high. You may not want centipedes on your property. They are not pleasant to be around or to look at either.

It’s peak time for centipede infestations in Texas. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they are difficult to find and their infestation goes unnoticed. Before the situation gets out of control, you need to protect your home from these creeping creatures.

Unwanted problems caused by Centipedes

Fortunately, Centipedes are harmless creatures. But, that doesn’t mean you can let these creatures invade your property. Their infestation can become overwhelming very quickly when you see them crawling into your bathtub or spreading across your walls and other areas of your property.

Before the problem gets out of control, you need to take preventive measures. After all, you may not want to spot these sticky creatures inside and outside your home.

Getting rid of Centipedes

To make your property free of Centipedes, you need to know how they survive and in what conditions they prefer to live. These creepy creatures love messy, dark and damp areas of your property. You need to target these areas first. Additionally, keep these tips in mind when exterminating centipede from your property:

1. Centipedes often look for hiding places when it is very hot or dry outside. Fix all leaks on the exterior and interior of your property. It prevents moisture in leaking areas from allowing centipede infestation.

2. Centipedes feed on soft-bodied insects, worms, spiders and other pests. Remove their food sources by eradicating other pests from your home.

3. Close the holes in the doors and windows. It allows centipedes to enter through these holes and invade your property.

4. Ensure that rubbish is disposed of regularly and all surfaces are properly cleaned.

5. Centipedes are commonly found under rocks, within cover, in leaf piles, and under landscape ties. Make sure your lawn is free of debris.

6. Keep the basement and attic dry to prevent moisture. You can use a dehumidifier for this purpose.

7. Place a glue-based trap near the bottom of the sink or tub. It will catch insects, ants and centipedes every time they walk on it.

8. If there are any external cracks and splits, repair them as soon as possible. It’s a great way to keep centipedes out of your building.

9. Repair leaks in faucets, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures that create moisture.

10. Install door wipers on exterior doors. It prevents centipedes from entering your property.

Seek professional help

Identifying centipedes in your home is not easy. Approaching a professional expert can help you spot their hidden spots. Correct call San Antonio pest control can make your job easy. The expert and professional team will inspect your entire property to keep centipedes and other pests out of your home. Call us today to rid your home of these unwanted creatures.

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