Scorpions are nocturnal hunters. These eight-legged pests are often seen in North Texas. Scorpions are arachnids whose bite can be fatal to human beings. Most are not deadly, but their bites can cause pain and swelling in the bite area.

Some species of the scorpion family:

Striped Bark Scorpion: They are the only species found in the Texas region. There are two black stripes along the top of the abdomen. Adults may be yellow, while juveniles are darker. They are poisonous. They are ubiquitous in Central Texas. Striped bark scorpions are nocturnal crawlers; they mostly prefer to stay hidden during the day to regulate the temperature and water balance. Their bodies are covered with a waxy cuticle to prevent water loss.

Straight-faced solufugid scorpion: The wind scorpion or camel spider does not walk on its front legs. These arachnids can bite, which can cause excruciating pain, but are said to be non-venomous. They do not have a tail, but a mouth-like structure that helps them bite.

Texas cave scorpion: They have a dark color and thicker pincers. Inhaling them is not so deadly, but it can cause an allergic reaction. A Texas Cave Scorpion sting feels like a bee or fire ant sting. They can be seen in Central Texas and limestone rock areas. The Texas cave scorpion usually feeds on cave crickets.

Trans-Pecos Smooth Claw Scorpion: This is dark brown and reddish and has large pincers and a short, thick tail. These arachnids are non-venomous. Pinchers are strong enough to cause severe pain. These creatures burrow deep into the sand during daylight hours and search for food at night.

Lesser striped tail scorpion: It has a pale color and a stripe down the strong tail. Their venom is deadly and they stay buried in the ground to keep cool. They can blend into the natural environment. These scorpions hide in the house during the day. A small scorpion is under 5 cm with an elongated tail. It ranges from yellow to orange with a dark mark down the back to dark brown and black with lighter legs and pincers. The tail usually has a darker last segment and a light-tipped spike. Pincers are generally dark with soft tips.

Florida Bark Scorpion: It is not lethal. These species have different colors, and a female can give birth scorpions with different shades. They can be found in red and black and have yellow, brown and black stripes. These cause a painful shock but are not lethal. These nocturnal animals survive on crickets, cockroaches and other small insects.

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