Ants are persistent and are a common pest concern. They slip through cracks and crevices in the house and build colonies on the lawn, making our lives difficult. They travel in search of food and tend to leave an invisible trail of chemicals to inform other ants from the colony. They are small and generally harmless. But they contaminate the food.

Ants are social insects that build colonies and stay in large numbers. Killing the entire colony will solve the problem. Some ant control measures are adequate to destroy their life cycle and their colonies.

1. Thoroughly clean the house

Always keep kitchen preparation areas clean. Store sweet snacks and cookies in airtight containers. Garbage should be cleaned regularly. Make sure the trash can is tightly closed. Be sure to wipe up food spills and don’t keep dirty dishes in the sink. Clean and sweep the floors to get rid of bread crumbs. Make a trench around pet food containers and potted plants by placing a soapy water solution in the container around the trench.

2. Non-toxic prevention

Seal of ant entry points. Access points such as cracks and crevices around doors, gaps around windows, faucets and floor cracks should be fixed and secured firmly. To wipe out ants, you can use cleaners based on citrus fruits, peppermint soap, cayenne pepper or cinnamon, which are not harmful to our health.

3. Ant control pesticides

These are the best options to wipe out the entire ant colony. Baits made from pesticide chemicals can kill them. But pesticides have potential consequences, so don’t leave the bait station open; children or pets may open them in their mouths or chew them. Pesticides like boric acid are harmful to houseplants, so they can affect plants. Aerosol sprays or mists are toxic.

4. Preparation for Ant Control Service

Follow these precautions before your scheduled visit pest control san antonio,

  • Wipe down counters and remove leftover food.
  • Vacuum carpets and other areas thoroughly.
  • Store food in pest-resistant containers.
  • Wash dishes regularly.
  • Never leave pet food out after your pet has finished eating.
  • Store recyclables in an ant-proof container until they are taken to a recycling center.

The baits kill the ants immediately. Ant baiting is a quick and easy method of preventing ant infestation. Try to block access points. It is the safest way to keep ants out. Do not use strong cleaners near ant bait. This would reduce the chances of elimination.

It’s difficult to get rid of ants from your home or office. But accurate pest control in San Antonio are experts who can use effective methods to eliminate the ant problem forever. They are experienced professionals who will identify the type of ants you are dealing with and help you get rid of them. We are a licensed ant exterminator in San Antonio that offers customized solutions from experts to keep all kinds of defects at bay.

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