Silverfish are small wingless insects with teardrop-shaped bodies and silver-blue scales. Their length is about 20 mm. Despite this, they can damage plaster walls, books, paintings, photographs and other household items containing cellulose due to their love of carbohydrates and starch.

How to spot a silverfish infestation?

As fast breeders, they can lay up to 20 eggs a day, which is enough to invade your home. Infestations of these creatures should be identified and treated as soon as possible.

or silverfish infestation it can be detected by small holes and scratches in books, magazines and paper products. You can watch them eat the paste and glue off the wallpaper. It is possible for silverfish to leave yellow stains on synthetic fibers. You may have a silverfish infestation if you see marks on your clothes.

What attracts silverfish to our homes?

Here are some conditions that will attract these little creatures.

Unsanitary conditions: Silverfish eat dust and paper clutter. So homes with a lot of clutter are more likely to have their own infestation. Homeowners can get rid of clutter by recycling, selling their items at garage sales, and keeping their homes clean and organized.

Creatures of the night: Silverfish prefer darkness. You’ll find them in the darkest, dampest places in the house, like the basement or garage. Areas where daylight is abundant and artificial lights are lit at night are less attractive to them. Silverfish gather food at night and hide in small, dark, warm places.

Carbohydrates: Silverfish love carbohydrates like flour, oats and starch in paper, book bindings, glue and insulation. They also feed on proteins such as dried beef and dead insects. Sometimes they can go a year without eating. This means they can be placed in the basement or attic, where clutter and dust are easily accessible.

Humidity: Silverfish are sensitive to humidity and thrive in high humidity to stay alive. They like to breed in wet and humid conditions.

How to prevent damage?

Having silverfish at home is scary because they often bring a lot of problems. They mostly enter the house through damaged points. Homeowners must identify their infestation in the early stages to prevent it.

  • Silverfish eat paper and dust. Reducing clutter can keep them away. Keep a dust-free and clutter-free home so these little bugs aren’t attracted.
  • Carpets tend to be a source of dust and mites, which makes it an ideal place for silverfish. Removing the carpet to clean the house will make the house less attractive to them.
  • Store your clothes in plastic boxes as they cannot penetrate hard materials.
  • Silverfish hide and lay eggs in crevices, so inspect areas of your rooms each time you thoroughly clean.
  • Thoroughly vacuuming ignored nooks and crannies will reduce the number of places these bugs can hide.
  • Dirty air ducts spread dust around the house. Air duct cleaning services eliminate dust and help keep your home cleaner.

It is advisable to contact one professional exterminator in San AntonioEnjoy accurate pest control and save your home from irritating little critters.

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