It is very unhygienic to have ants in your house. However, it is one of the most common household problems. All of us have faced these problems at some point in our lives. Ant infestation in new or old homes is a fairly common problem. A number of factors contribute to ant infestations during the summer months. If you see ants crawling in the kitchen, basement or other parts of the house, you should act immediately.

What are the signs of an ant infestation?

  • Notice of ants Seeing large numbers of live ants all over your site may indicate an ant infestation. If you find them in your kitchen, dining areas or where you prepare food, you should pay attention to them immediately.
  • The paths of ants – Another prominent sign of an ant infestation is ant tracks inside and outside your home or premises. An ant species can leave a trail that leads to its food source. So be careful and take measures to prevent their entry.
  • Ant nest – An ant nest is an exciting thing to see. A small spot can look like a pile of dirt or dirt that accumulates in a small area. Some special species make their home in walls or other dark places. So if you find such a place, be careful and start taking action.

Why do ant infestations occur?

1. Source of food

Ants are attracted to food sources as their motive is to forage and store food for the cold months. Ants feed on almost all types of food. That is why we often see a trail of ants in the kitchen and dining room. But they accumulate mainly in the following food sources

  • Sugar
  • Slaughter of bread
  • Dear
  • Rice or any grain
  • meat
  • fats
  • Fruit juice

Colonies can form long trails of millions of ants once they discover these food sources. Using their pheromones, they leave behind a scent that other ants can follow. Until and unless the trail is broken, they will keep coming.

2. Water source

An ant’s survival depends on water sources, so even a small pool of water can quench an ant’s thirst. To survive, they often form colonies near water sources. This is why cleaning up spilled water is essential to keep them away. Keep designated places like under sinks and refrigerators to keep them from invading.

3. Weather

Studies have suggested that there is a link between weather and ant infestation. Infestations occur mainly during heavy rainfall or dry, hot, drought-like conditions. The ant avoids the colder months, so infestation mostly occurs during the summer and monsoon.


A house infested with ants is not only dirty and untidy, but also a center for disease. Your health and the health of your family are at risk. Contact a pest control company to keep your home tidy and disease free.

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