Crickets are annoying, especially at night. Crickets are hard to spot; their loud, incessant chirping helps us identify them. Crickets destroy wallpaper and eat fabric on furniture, curtains and carpets. Their infestation can be avoided if you can locate these pests. Crickets are mostly found in the summer season; they prefer humid and warm climate. These nocturnal creatures thrive in dark, moist areas to reproduce. Moreover, these insects are also attracted to bright lights around houses. They try to escape the cold winters and enter through small cracks. Crickets can jump up to 3 meters high and, in this way, gain access to the house by jumping into vents, holes, openings around utility pipes and cracks in door and window frames. They are found in secluded areas such as basements and garages.

Preventing crickets from entering your home is the first step to stopping their infestation.

1) Try to keep your back and front yards clean and trimmed. Crickets hide during the day, so perhaps filling all cracks and crevices in outdoor areas will stop them from invading your home. Doors need a strong weather stripping around the sides to prevent crickets from entering the house. Utility lines can be shut off and should be checked regularly. A vacuum can clean small spaces and make rooms clean. Try to close small cracks in the walls. Bright lights attract them; try to keep bright lights off when not in use. Use curtains to keep your home uninvited from these unwanted pests. Low beam or amber LED lights are designed to not attract crickets.

2) Crickets like to build their nests in long grasses. Keep your garden plants trimmed and your lawn mowed. Wood piles, mulch and compost piles should be placed away from your home. Piles of wood attract crickets; these are their favorite hiding places. Make sure trash cans are tightly closed and kept clean. A bad stench attracts crickets. Spray the perimeter with borax or diatomaceous earth to kill crickets. Clean the entire house regularly and seal all possible cracks and crevices in doors and windows.

3) Seal holes in window screens and foundations and cover any small areas where crickets like to hide. People use traps like molasses to kill them. You can use cricket bait to poison these pests. Chemical cricket bait is available at hardware stores; you can use them to kill them. Make sure your pets do not get near the bait as it is toxic and can be harmful to pets. Try to keep empty boxes and trash away from the walls. Spray the area thoroughly with chemicals to prevent crickets from entering your home. A dehumidifier keeps damp areas dry and will force crickets out of your home.

4) Preventive pest control services will reduce cricket infestations around your home. Contact a pest control professional immediately for treatment. They are quite efficient during any pest control process. Their experience will help you with all the necessary assistance.

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