Bed Bugs are small creatures about 5 millimeters; they are tough and reproduce quickly. These insects hide to avoid detection and are a serious problem for families across America. Bed bugs thrive in a safe and mild environment for breeding purposes. They multiply rapidly and hide in narrow cracks and crevices.

Insect infestation is a concern, and their bites are itchy and irritating. However, these little creatures do not spread disease. But you can take some measures to prevent them from spreading in your homes. Inspect rooms regularly and check your luggage and clothes when you return from tour.

To prevent them from attacking your homes, you need a basic plan. Insects are usually carried through common areas in hotels or public transport. These little bloodsuckers can leave a red, itchy rash all over your body if they get into your bed. Here are some of the measures:

  • Bed bugs have small, narrow bodies that enable them to squeeze into spots, such as the seams of a mattress or sofa and the folds of curtains. You can find these bugs in cracks in the bed frame and headboard, baseboards, between sofa cushions, inside electrical outlets, in furniture joints or under paintings and posters on the walls. It would help to spot them with a flashlight and magnifying glass.
  • Bed bugs are deep red and about 1/4 inch long. Their growths are like dark spots with reddish spots, which you can easily find on your mattress. Once you spot a bug, please place it in a sealed jar with alcohol.
  • The fastest and easiest way to catch insects is to use a vacuum. Vacuum over potential hiding places such as bedding, nightstands, carpets and electronics. Seal these bugs in a plastic bag and throw them away.
  • Do not leave anything on the floor. Try to keep the floor surfaces clean. Throw away any unused furniture. Do not move furniture from an infected room to a clean room. Seal cracks in furniture and around plinths and tape open electrical outlets.
  • Bed bugs are easily killed in temperatures as hot as 115°F or as bitterly cold as 32°F. Wash the clothes in hot water for 30 minutes. Steam mattresses and couches where bugs usually hide. When cleaning visible bed bugs, place bed bug covers over the mattress and box springs. Close the lids properly.
  • Insecticides can prevent insects. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are common chemicals. Neonicotinoids damage the nervous system of insects. Plant-based oil products such as EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol also work effectively.
  • Bed Bugs are tricky creatures. These nasty bugs can reappear just when you think you’ve cleared them all. Then it’s time to call a professional exterminator in San Antonio.
  • Pest control companies have the advantage of having insecticides that can kill the bugs that stay inside the furniture and keep them out of the cracks for a long time. These professionals heat the entire room with special equipment that heats the room high enough to kill these little bugs.

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